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Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer, by Jane Brocket

Even though she avoids recipes from fantasy books (Narnia being an exception), there's quite a bit of sweet nostalgia about this one that makes it very fae indeed!
I've been waiting for this beauty ever since reading about its inspiration on Jane Brocket's blogCherry Cake and Ginger Beer is a celebration of classic children's cookery from 19th and 20th century children's literature, with an especial focus on books from the UK (from which it hails, naturally.) Each recipe starts with a generous introduction to the story it hails from, perfect reading for a children's book lover like myself, as well as many descriptions of feasts enjoyed by the characters and meditations on the midnight spreads and picnics. From the simple delight of Pippi Longstocking's gingersnap hearts and campfire cocoa to more elaborate Turkish Delight a la Narnia, gilt gingerbread, and "immensely enjoyable meringue," it's a sweet, nostalgic delight. Cherry Cake and Ginger Beer is beautifully designed to boot, with the books' original art and vintage typefaces, in a nice little pastel hardcover the perfect size to toss in your bag before heading over to a friend's to bake some jam tarts and shortbread.

*Jane Brocket's website
*I love, love, love The Book Depository. Discounted books with free shipping to the US, and my order came a week to the day it was purchased. Love them
*Other bloggers weigh in more elegantly than me: Poshyarns, Lacer's Life
*My favorite lesser-known titles featured in this cookbook: Dancing Shoes, The Little White Horse, The Borrowers, The Phoenix and The Carpet (and all E. Nesbit's books)
*Jane Brocket's Top Ten Food Scenes in Children's Literature

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