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maple sugar on snow

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as published in the new england cook book of fine old recipes (c) 1936

(children delight in eating chilled dishes and here is an old-fashioned vermont recipe that never fails to please youngers or adults, too.)

maple sugar or syrup may be used in preparing this sweet, but the syrup is best if it can be obtained. boil the syrup until it will form a soft gummy covering when dropped upon snow. gather pure, clean, freshly-fallen snow in a pan. place the hot maple liquid in a cup. put the sugar on the snow, a spoonful at a time. the sugar will form a delicious soft lump. served with plain doughnuts, hot coffee and sour pickles, there is little to compare to its tasty simplicity.

if maple sugar is used instead of the syrup, add a little water to the crushed sugar and cook to a syrup.
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